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Thread: foster bros steel?

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    Very nice rehandle. I believe the steel is 1080, or a variation thereof. Good, solid steel, with a nice carbon content (.80). Likely hardened to 58, give or take. Son, correct me if I'm wrong. Shoot...I forgot to call you back. Sorry, off topic, I know.

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    Nice work man, that's one sexy piece of wood too. I didn't realize how large that cleaver was either.
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    Foster bros went out of business in 1950 or so. The number 2180 on the blade i s the model number not the steel composition. Foster brother put all kinds of numbers on their blades. They where mainly marketed to commercial meat packing houses and butchers. People in the industry. Many of them just looked at a catalog and pointed at the picture or just said give me 2 dozen 2180's. Most manufacturers did not list what steel was used because it was a highly competitive market. Even though most of them may have been using the same stuff by the same steel mill. Remember in those days we made the steel and we knew it was made by a handful of steel mills. Detroit baby! The steel is more then like 1080 though or some other 10xx series steel.

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