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Thread: Win Kitaeji Knife

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    Please don't laugh, first time making a video at work.

    Here is my Yoshikane v2 270mm Sujihiki " I love this knife "

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    bathonuk - enjoyed the big beer stein and the sausages. eaglerock - wow, you work in a quiet kitchen!

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    Do we get a "bonus" number if we video-review a Itonomonn product

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    only video i've ever made/uploaded was the first time starting up my truck when I put in a corvette drivetrain in to it, altho I don't think that will be applicable to this thread

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    Would be okay if you'd somehow used any JNS product in the installation, I guess. Perhaps you used some finger stones to get a mirror finish on the driveshaft?

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    After a total failure trying to capture my new(to me) Itinomonn gyuto in action by myself with a cellphone I have given up on this contest. Good luck in winning this knife, if it is a nice as the gyuto you'll love it. I sharpened this steel for the first time tonight and it took next to no time to get a very nice edge. I may have another swing at taping this knife, I could use the yanagiba.

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    I did not know what work to give to my new Petty, but I had one chicken (for soup) and a bit of onion ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vladimir View Post
    I did not know what work to give to my new Petty, but I had one chicken (for soup) and a bit of onion ...

    is tht Yoshikane?
    I use mone for the same purposes and it works super nicely

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