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Thread: 2 new JNS is up

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    The 800 is really interesting. I've always wished the King 800 was available larger, this looks like a better option. Can't wait to see it in action (and the 300 too).

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    Do you think it would be possible to go JNS 800 to a 5k stone on a double bevelled knife?

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    Yep it lives very good finish. I will even use it as finisher for some knives, i will also say that my 800 is way faster then 800 king and wheres much much slower.
    Down side of coarse that it is a soaker, but i had to go with that to have it to live very very uniform finish.

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    I am really enjoying my new JNS 800, it works really well going straight to red Aato after for double bevels, very nice feeling stone. Thanks Maksim
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    This looks like a great stone. In what setup of 3 of your stones would this one fit best?

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