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Thread: Finally Finished

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    Finally Finished

    I did some remodeling on the blade,and finally was able to make a Wa without screwing it up.The last pic is my blade vs. TKC.

    weight 195 grams
    over all length 410mm
    blade length 260mm
    edge length 250mm
    2.5mm over the heel
    tapering slightly to a thin tip of .67mm

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    WOW, check out how thin that is! Congrats, looks great.

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    Awesome Mario!!!
    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." --Albert Einstein

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    Nice! I actually had to look twice at the handle - that looks like one of mine, same design and proportions as the one I just sent to Jeff, but I couldn't remember having used that combination before


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    The knife looks awesome, I like the profile a lot sand the grind looks superb.
    Handle very nicely compliments the blade.
    Great job.

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    Nice job! That is a knife to be very proud of
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Wow, knife and handle look amazing, interesting profile as well looks like the tip will be really agile especially given the thinness.
    How long did it take and where did the steel cone from?

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    That one look very nice !!! I like the patterns on the steel a lot ! What is the steel ? where to get

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    Yeah really....awesome job. Like to know the steel maker too. I guess that assumes you made this from scratch which you didn't mention unless I missed it.

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    looking good. now we want to see a western.


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