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Thread: Mark Richmond, popcorn and konosuke HDs

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    Well, I just tried my new popcorn recipe: grated parmesan (parmigiana-reggiano, fresh grated) , splatter screen, garlic salt, and preheated pan/oil

    the parmesan was brilliant, not sure who mentioned it first in this thread.
    splatter screen worked pretty well, small mess on the stove, but I think the popcorn was much crisper.
    Still not sure preheating the pan did anything here...will try next time w/o this and see if it's different.

    Thanks for the ideas guys! Now I need to find Jalepeno powder and nutritional yeast....pretty hard to believe yeast will replace the parmesan though.

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    I never make popcorn, but all this talk about it has me in the mood now.

    What kind of oil did you use, Zwiefel?

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    I had a roommate that ate the noodles out of ramen noodles and left the flavor packets. I one day after bitching how many packets we had, I decided to try one out on popcorn. Damn was it good, being mostly salt anyway made you think about what you were eating. Am I eating popcorn, or noodles?

    Chewie's the man.

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