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Thread: Fujiwara Teruyasu Nashiji Gyuto 240mm pass around.

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    Labor, have you used a takeda gyuto? How does the height compare to one? And the performance
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    I just got very busy, I think I'm going to bow out on this one. Thanks for the opportunity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    upon, closer inspection i noticed some minor micro chips, especially towards the heel. ill do my best to clean it up, shouldnt be a problem in the next few days. i found myself to be pretty disappointed overall with this fujiwara gyuto. just not for me. the grind is flat and thick behind the edge and im not really liking the profile.i would go into more detail, but i would rather not condemn the knife any further until more people in the passaround get a hold of it. sorry. von blewitt, thanks again for giving me a chance to try it out.
    I thinned out my Fujiwara Teruyasu Nashijii until it barely resembles the knife it once was. It started as a fat knife. Now I have most of the spine less than 2mm thick and thinned the bevel. It still feels hefty and balanced. It cuts much much much better now. I don't think this knife ever went through the hammering of cold-forging.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    and the knife is on its way to don...

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    Is there a reason why this went from San Diego half way across the US to Louisiana, only to now go back to the western US?
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    Not sure about that Mike.

    I did some runs with this knife. I'll post my thoughts and some pictures soon and send it on its way.
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    I would be happy to be moved down the list to keep it in a saner rotation. Shipping the thing across the country makes no sense.

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    My Bad, my knowledge of US geography is fairly non existent. If someone wants to put together a more cohesive order that would be great
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    No problem, Don and Huw. I am in no rush to receive it. I just thought it was a little odd.
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    I'm flexible -- whatever works best is fine for me. I'm near Chicago, btw.

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