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Thread: Fujiwara Teruyasu Nashiji Gyuto 240mm pass around.

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    I haven't heard anything from MKMK, Edipis + Lefty are out. Looks like ShaneG in NZ is next? I haven't shipped one of these internationally before...I think the directions in this thread say insure for $100 and declare it as "kitchen tools?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Zwiefel View Post
    I think this is the list after me:

    Mkmk - Illinois
    Edipisreks - Ohio
    Lefty - Canada
    ShaneG - New Zealand
    Dusty - Australia

    I'll get an address from Mkmk and get it in the post shortly.
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    I've got it and am in the middle of my tryout -- am I right that I'm the last stop in North America? Any last takers before I make arrangements to send it down under?

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    Where is this at the moment?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Von blewitt View Post
    Where is this at the moment?
    I'm waiting on it to arrive from "mkmk" had a pm on 11/14 he would be sending it? Haven't heard from him since.
    Have been eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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    Any updates?
    Another casualty of the passaround black hole?
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    Really? Poor form.

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    Is this one still going? I'd like to get in if possible

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    Moments like Rader campaign for Chris restores my faith in humanity but reading knives being lost at passarounds gives me reality check , hope it will make it back to you Huw

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    we really need to tighten security on these passarounds.....

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    That horrible if it's truly lost. Hope it turns up

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