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Thread: Fujiwara Teruyasu Nashiji Gyuto 240mm pass around.

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    I don't understand why sometimes. You do something in good faith and you get hammered for it.

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    Damn. that sucks. That's, I think, 4 items I'm aware of since last summer.

    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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    Hope it gets returned, maybe time for new/untested members to send refundable paypal deposits to one of the mods or something? they get their deposit back when it gets to the next person on the list. Probably a good reason this isn't done and maybe defeats the object of the passaround but might put off the idiots that crap on peoples good nature?

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    I've never participated in any pass around but this just sucks and it brings the tone and reputation of the Forum down. But surely it can be traced as to who in particular was the last person to have had the knife? And surely this person should be named and shamed! And if the knife is not returned, kicked out in disgrace!

    Sorry to hear this about your knife Huw.

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    Hope this one turns up. Has there been any discussion on putting down a deposit to participate in a passaround?

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    I think new members should have to put a deposit down, it's a shame reall. I guess this is up to the person providing the knife to decide though.

    Hope it gets returned, if not I will chip in $$ to the owner to help find a future purchase.

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    Hi all,

    Apologies for not seeing these posts sooner -- and thanks to larrybard for the heads up. I got clobbered with work and kept it longer than I intended, but shipped it via USPS Priority International to shaneg in NZ in early December. It looks like it sat in customs for a couple of weeks, and was delivered on 12/27/13.

    My apologies for any confusion and my contribution to the delays.


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