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Thread: Roasting a whole chicken??

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    Roasting a whole chicken??

    Hi guys, I've been pondering the pros and cons of these methods of roasting a whole bird and would appreciate some insight here. Unfortunately, very few restaurants actually do a whole roast bird now.

    So here are the few methods that interest me the most and if you have a better way, please share!

    1. Thomas Keller, 450 deg preheated oven, dry, no stuffing, trussed, untouched.
    2. Joel Robuchon, 400-410 deg cold oven, buttered, no stuffing, trussed, rotated.
    3. Heston's, brined, stuffed w/ lemon n thyme, smothered in butter, untrussed, double roasted (195 till internal temp 140, then rested and returned to max heated oven to brown).

    So far I've been following Chef Keller's recipe as it had always worked for me and it was the simplest in execution.

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    Rotisserie. S&P on the outside and a stick of butter on the inside.

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    I've been varying the recipe for this, but really like the idea of the 'splayed' chicken cooked in a cast iron skillet. The whole bird cooks at the same time every time.
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    500 degrees s&p stuffed with Cippolini onions and garlic
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    i hesitate to respond..all the pros in here humble me.

    for a roasted bird, i'm kinda over brining. the bird gets that soggy and soft cooked flesh in the end. the texture just seems "wrong". IMHO.

    i now just salt the bird all over, even under the skin in crucial spots..and let it sit wrapped over night. then pepper, butter and roast. i target 175 dark, 160 white. i truss so the wings and legs are not flopping around all exposed. i do go in halfway and flip the bird on the backside.

    breaking the bird apart and roasting the parts in a big flat pan..i am liking also.

    who is that chef that is known for his fire roasted bird with salsa verde?

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    Trussed, on a spit, brushed with butter.

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    brine 24 hours, hang 24 hours, sous vide with butter and thyme for 3 hours at 66 degrees centigrade, roast in 475 oven for 15 minutes.....ridiculous

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    I heard this on NPR last month.

    This recipe uses two cast iron skillets preheated in a hot oven, then the chicken is placed between them.

    Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds good:

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    Quality free-range hormone free bird = no brining necessary, spatchcocked (backbone removed and bird laid out flat) on roasting rack with butter under skin and Himalayan salt & fresh ground pepper (you can also add fresh thyme, garlic and Dijon to your liking), 3/4" thick cut yellow flesh potatoes underneath the rack in the pan to absorb the wonderful fat and juices, 400 degrees for approximately 45 minutes (even cooking and saves a lot of time as opposed to roasting whole).

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    Lemon slices, chopped fresh herbs, some butter, salt and pepper under the skin; olive oil, salt and pepper on the outside; lemon wedges, salt pepper and bundle of fresh herbs in the cavity; roast at 425 deg F. For something different, just S&P, and encase exterior in bacon strips for the first ~40 minutes...
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