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Thread: Cut through nail

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    Cut through nail

    I recently cut straight through my finger nail with a freshly sharpened Takeda 240 Gyuto. I was wondering if others have incurred such injuries and how I should change my cutting technique to avoid a repetition.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback..

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    been there =D

    not fun.

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    I haven't done that in a while, knock on wood. You just have to be more mindful of tucking your finger tips back.

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    Claw hand baby! Claw hand!
    But it still happens to the best of us!

    I might add that a Takeda 280 was responsible for this one too!
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    Only once, but I have taken big chunks out of my knuckles, and recently got my right index knuckle, then a day later got my right middle finger knuckles. Maybe two days after that, I nicked the tip of my finger while thinning a knife and my hand slipped. But wait, there's more - I got higher up on my index knuckle on my grinder while working on an axe...sometimes you go through bad spells, and I think I'm done mine, since they're all virtually healed.
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    I took off the tip of my thumb right through the nail, they had to remove the rest of the nail to reattach it.

    I have had those days/weeks as well, Tom.

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    Reminds me of this thread...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chinacats View Post
    Reminds me of this thread...
    Thanks for remembering Chinacats.
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    Yep, only once. Felt absolutely nothing as the knife was sharp, and then that oddly exposed feeling a moment later and plenty of rouge. Ironically, this was at home and never in the restaurant.

    In my case it wasn't my normal technique, as I wasn't set up properly and not paying attention, one finger extended out, guard down. I imagine with most people the problem might be raising knives too high and losing contact with the middle finger, and then coming down somewhere into that finger. Or maybe the index isn't back where it should be. Or maybe finger tips aren't properly bent out of the way.

    In any case, hacking a finger is pretty much par for the course at some point.

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    That's weird, I don't see any injuries in this thread.....
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