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Thread: Mmmmm, Bacon... the project!

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    Mmmmm, Bacon... the project!

    Ok. So after reading a bunch on the subject, I decided to go simple for the first run. I did a couple things different from the brine recipe I was given.
    Here is a breakdown in grams, so in the future, changes are simpler.
    Based on a US gallon = 3785 grams, i used:
    3785 grams water
    165 grams kosher salt
    130 grams of pure maple sugar
    200 grams dark brown sugar
    1720 grams of pork loin
    6000 grams total weight of brine and meat x 0.000120 Ppm / 0.064 % nitrite = 11.25 grams cure (The Prague powder I got was 6.4% nitrite)
    I completely mixed the brine, then injected in several places, recovering the run off, maintaining the proportions. Purchased a new container for the purpose, now the waiting game.
    My tunnel vision, while preparing/trimming the loin, mixing/weighing ingredients had me forgetting to take photos, but here are the 2 pieces in the brine.
    After removing the loins from the brine, and rinsing them. I did the recommended test fry. A nice mix of sweet and salty. neither overpowering. this is gonna be good! 24 hours on a rack in the fridge to dry up. It the smoker in the morning!

    So at 0-DARK-30 I fired up the A-Maze-N pellet smoker with maple pellets, and set it all out in my offset smoker/grill.

    We have thin blue smoke!

    So after 4 hours of cold smoke, (45 degrees) I upped the temp in the smoker to 150 for 2 hours, then 180 for 2, and 200 till internal temp was 150. (actually hit 156) I was busy eating dinner.
    Sorry for the poor light photo, after a day or so in the fridge to mellow out, I will get better ones. The color isnt as dark as the photo shows... Not sure why.
    Has a nice maple smell, and a decent, clean smoke smell. Not overpowering at all. Gotta say I am pleased for a first attempt!

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    Looks delicious. But is "Not overpowering at all" your only comment on how it tastes (assuming that wasn't another reference only to the smell)?

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    Phase II
    So I'm really hooked bad!! I started with a simple back bacon question, now I have 60 pounds of belly on the way, and of course, had to start a smoker! Mainly because I don't already have enough on my plate, but hey, I needed the distraction right?
    I had intended to go with a full cedar build, then thought about a cinderblock base, but with winter closing in, I took cues from some other builds I have seen here in my research.
    I priced cedar lumber for the framing, and holy crap!! It's expensive here!! So spruce framed it will be!!
    Base framed

    Sides and front framed, base complete

    Sides and front attached to base

    So, managed to get the walls closed in today, and the roof framed. The Cedar I purchased was in bundles, and of course, the best boards were on the outside. SO even though I bought an extra bundle to be safe, I am still short.
    So This is how it looks. I went with floor registers, instead of a chimney after looking at a bunch of different builds. These are the larger size, 2 baffles in each. It is looking better than I thought it would. I have very little framing experience.
    Dimensions: 36" x 36' 6'6" front. 6' back. Dimensions to underside of the roof. I was gonna go 6' front 5'6" back, but I'm 6'4" and I hate ducking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by larrybard View Post
    Looks delicious. But is "Not overpowering at all" your only comment on how it tastes (assuming that wasn't another reference only to the smell)?
    Was a comment on how it smells, coming out of the smoker. It was cooked up for breakfast this morning. Smoke was nice, not strong or acrid. You could pick out the maple sugar flavor, and the salt balance was close. I may go a little heavier on the salt next time. Texture was nice. Tender not chewy. For a first run, I'd call it a success. If I didnt change a thing, it would be good. But the fun of doing it yourself, is the ability to change and try new things!

    Thanks for looking!

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    I made bacon with almost the same ingredients and technique back in early August (never made any type of bacon before). It was awesome and quickly eaten. Yours looks great.

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    Pierre, Nice work Man! Talk about going after it. I can see that little smoke shack now way way up in Northern Canada.

    I've found that rinsing my smoked meats with warm water after they're smoked will clear up any bitter smoke after taste. I smoke with all kind of woods but ive been using a lot of Pecan lately with excellent results.

    If you're going to take charcutterie seriously, look into Sodium Erythrobate. Its just a powerful anti-oxidant but will facilitate your cures fast and deeper and keep any fat from going yellow. It will also stabilize your products for longer shelf life.

    Can't wait to see some of that Game you hunt, hanging from a gambrel in that shack.

    Way to go!
    One thing you can give and still your word.

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    Well done i want bacon Mmmm.

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    When I first saw the cuts of meat I thought to myself, "That's not what you use to make bacon." Then it dawned on me .... Canadian bacon. Yum!!! Your smokehouse looks ready to put out some great smoked meats.

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    This was a test run, to check the flavor and smoking really. I have 60 pounds of belly on the way though!!

    So tell me about Sodium Erythrobate, is it used in place of nitrites? or with?

    Quick update on the build... Did the doors, and corner trim today. Mounted the door, realized my hands were shaking... Oh yeah! Haven't eaten or had anything to drink since dinner yesterday!!

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    Nice work Pierre, that smoke house is over the top!
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