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Thread: Seeking handle finishing advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumblinman View Post
    Boiled linseed oil is not food safe because of the additives.
    Raw linseed oil is food safe
    I wouldn't get too hung up on the food safe/not food safe thing. It's not a cutting board, you're not preparing food with the handle (excepting the occasional crushed garlic clove).
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    Quote Originally Posted by greasedbullet View Post
    Can I sand as high as 8000-12000 grit with micro mesh before I start applying this finish? or after? I am looking for something food safe, low maintenance, and gives a good polish (not necessarily mirror finish) that is not slippery. Would Danish oil be a good option?
    a quick question...

    Is using food safe oil a serious consideration for handles? after all the oil wld harden and form a film.

    8000 grit.. adn above.. I suppose that you are only sanding the hardened oil film surface?


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    8000 grit in micromesh is probably around 3000 grit in US sandpaper, there are different grit scales. See here


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    Quote Originally Posted by zitangy View Post
    Is using food safe oil a serious consideration for handles?
    Judging by the other posts on this thread I would say it isn't, but I thought it would be important when I posted this.

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    Interesting discussion. I was just thinking about the subject of food safety on materials used to coat handles. I've been using spar urethane and it hardens up well and leaves a nice sheen to it while still being "grippy". I was worried that it might leech toxic chemicals onto my hand and transfer it to food. Another way I was considering coating my handles was with epoxy resin. Same concern with that.

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    I'm working on a handle and I'm wondering if anyone has used General Finishes "salad bowl finish"? Specifically I'm curious about the overall durability of this finish? About how long would this last with moderate use? (assuming the owner doesn't do something stupid like put it through a dish washer or soak it in the sink). I'm going to be giving this one to a family member who may or may not be careful with it, but I won't be able to re-apply finish.

    Any other suggestions for durable finishes are also welcome. I know pen turners sometimes use CA glue, but it seems like that would be quite difficult to apply to a handle (pen turners apply it while it's still on the lathe, but that obviously wouldn't work for a handle). I've also considered using a thin epoxy.

    I'm curious what the pros here use on their unstabilized tropical hardwoods like bocote or rosewoods.

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    Think about using oils that are used by professional gunstock finishers. True-Oil is a good one and I like Pro-Custom oil. Both can be picked up from Brownell's and when cured will be a non-toxic finish. Grits used, as with final polishing are on you. Put in the time and figure out what you like and what you don't like.
    Good luck. -m

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    I've been using 2 coats of Watco teak oil followed by two coats of Minwax paste wax. The Watco teak oil has good penetration on the dense oily tropical hardwoods and should continue to provide protection after the surface finish has dulled with use.

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    I use teak oil...rubbed in and sanded off through my last three finishing grits (I stop at 2000). Then I buff with simple beeswax on a loose buff.

    I've been considering looking into the Bealls Buff kit. The results seem pretty incredible over oiled and rubbed finishes.

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