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Thread: Blade show in Atlanta

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    Blade show in Atlanta

    The Blade Show is only about 2 weeks out. I understand Ken Onion will be introducing his line for New West Knifeworks there and I'm sure many other custom names from this forum will also have tables. Anyone besides me going to be there?

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    Danielomalley and I will be going. I know Bill Burke will have a table at the show too and I would assume Michael Rader will have one as well.

    Here is my photo. If you see me stop me and say hi!

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    There's nothing distinctive about your face, Drew. I'm not sure people will be able to pick you out in a crowd.

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    I'll be about 5 rows "north" of Bill part of the time.

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    You take all the fun out of drawing a beard and moustache on someone's photo!
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