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Thread: Polishing

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    That is beautiful.

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    Gorgeous Maxim! that redwood looks evil...

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    Redwood is from Mark some time ago he sold that Super hard rosewood. I still have one block just for display

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxim View Post
    For Shigefusa or kitchen knives it takes me much less time
    I finish i with Uchigomori and thats it. To even out the finish you can use just some mud from your stone on some cloth or soft paper.

    Tamahagene have much more structure to the steel thats why so hight finish revel more and more details. On our regular knife steels, steel is much cleaner so you will not need as fine polish to make it look good
    That looks awesome, Maksim! Today i have used my Ohira Uchigomori to change the finish on my " work horse" Hiromoto AS - is love this simple knife and i use it to try out any stone
    I took some time ( 1,5 hours) with Uchigomori to change one side of the blade from mirror-polished into nice hazy finish ( frick ! ) - i have already managed it- but i will continue- i did not wanted to etch it- Dave Martell does it outstanding - check his blog here- exactly on Hiromotos - so i will continue step by step - the only matter is, that it take half of the time after it to wash your hands from the black fine slurry

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