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Thread: What's in your mouth?

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    What's in your mouth?

    A pun on the C1 adverts, but this is what's not in my wallet anymore -

    I didn't know titanium was so spendy . . .

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    Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

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    VERY spendy! Hubby just got his implant finished a month or so ago--took 2 years. Did the screw/implant the first year, then got the crown the second year. Helped spread out the pain to the wallet a little bit. Seems to be working out well for him, tho.
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    No custom knife in my future . . . . at this rate I'll have to learn to make my own . . .

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    i got three crowns this year, all of which i paid out of pocket because my insurance company approved them, then decided, after they had been made and put in my mouth, to not pay, with no arbitration possible (letters sent to several executives including the CEO resulted in nothing). this is the same insurance company that paid $60k without batting an eye when i shattered my leg a couple years ago, of which i paid zero out of pocket, so i guess i'm still ahead. oh well, it's nice to have all that bonding gone and replaced with something that will last a while.

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    I with you Lucy - I'll wait till Jan '14 for the crown part.

    My friend's wife went to BudaPest and had her whole mouth done for $22k including travel, hotel and hospital stay. Amazing since her dentist here in town quoted her $75k+

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    My wife got one of those .Waiting for the next insurance cycle to finish the job, still cost a lot out of pocket.

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    i sure hope i keep my teeth when i get old old. i still pray to god that i got my grandfather's genes. he had a full set of teeth til the day he died.

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    that is a screw going into the jawbone?!!

    man, i am gonna go and floss right now..

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