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Thread: Information & Guidelines for Posting

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    Information & Guidelines for Posting

    This sub-forum is for sharing your work in progress, handiwork, & your finished shop projects.


    1. Sales are prohibited

    2. Passive marketing (aka - hinting or referring to products/wares/services that you sell) and/or solicitations are prohibited

    3. Market research (aka - asking questions about how to make products to sell within this community) is prohibited.

    4. Only personal handiwork/work in progress is allowed.
    • If you sell (or will sell in the future) items (or similar items) as you have posted (within this sub-forum) your posts will be removed/deleted and you will be subject to moderation.

    • If you have posted images, within this sub-forum, that represent your work (items that you make) you may not be allowed/approved to become a Hobbyist, Vendor/Craftsman. This sub-forum will not be used for the building of, or researching of, a business model and/or customer base.

    • NO commercial entity posts on any level will be allowed.

    • Do not post work performed by others

    5. Only post kitchen knife related images and subject matter.

    6. Passarounds are prohibited

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    If you're a hobbyist (handle/saya maker etc) or new kitchen knifemaker looking to get into this market you might want to check out our Hobbyist Craftsman Forum

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