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Thread: Eamon Burke knives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Eamon, you're going to also want to read this and this too.
    Check your emails too please

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    well, d@mn...this is as close as I could get

    I do find it amusing that I, in fact, did buy that Nakiri from Rick later in the year...
    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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    Well, I went out into my workshop and realized that in a just a few weeks, I have managed to forget the code to the padlock on it entirely. I don't know how many of you have ever had a business that went under, but there is apparently a period of denial where you are absolutely deluded that you will be able to do things, or take care of one thing or another without realizing how over it is. This thread made me realize that.

    OK here's what I'm going to do. I still have everyone's addresses and whatnot. I do not have any money to ship anything.

    In order to make this right, I am going to offer this: If I have something of yours, or something owed, you will get it back, and as a consolation for my shortcomings, you can have whatever is in this thread for the cost of shipping. I do mean it. Some of this stuff is a rare find(wood blocks, etc), some is just helpful for completing or starting a little project. If you are having a person work on your knife/whatever, and want it shipped to them feel free to include whatever else. If you insist on paying for anything, I will redistribute that money to those who didn't get anything, and if any money is left over, it will go to Will.
    Here we go--

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    Send any requests to johndoughy @ gmail dot com. It's my personal email, because I not a vendor here anymore, just a civilian. I don't want to have to mess with my PMs getting full.

    Don't be shy, anything that doesn't get taken will go for sale and the money will do the same thing I said before.

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    I have done a rehandle of my own and done a great many straight razor restores with full sets of scales etc. so I know my way around woodworking. I'm in to help if needed.

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    As far as i'm concerned ive dropped your debt Eamon, we all make mistakes, I have made plenty and been lucky and had help along the way.

    Its great to hear from you. I'm pretty exhausted to think straight just at the minute. But don't run with this, I'm not sure where it would stand with forum rules, also we have a simpler solution logistically.
    We have a couple of volunteers to pick stuff up. The extra wood and belts will come in handy i'm sure later and may help to cover some shipping by passing them on to people helping. Heath may well take some belts and wood in return for posting some bits on to get us started getting the work finished. For now just make a list of the extra stuff if you would and pm it to Zweifel, our list chief, it can come into the plan later.
    Do We have the utility knives and handle materials? That is the crux of this thread. Also if you can help complete the list of 15 for the knives that would be very helpful.
    Zweilfel has been working on a spread sheet to work out whats what, and come the time who we have to work on what. So if you can help him fill in any blanks..
    For the part of this thread, I'm going to cover the utility knives and I feel I can take some responsibility for that, and I know what was intended with them. I know there is allot of other stuff to deal with, which would include what to do with the extra belts and stuff, that cant happen in my sub-forum. Hoss has a thread in general chat to cover Saya jobs, handlings and stuff like that. And we can make use of Z and his amazing ability to make these live access spreadsheets to keep track.
    Cheers, hope thats clear, off to bed now.

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    I do have the knives of course, and the materials people sent to me.

    I think this is the best thing to do here. I am simply not going to be able to use this stuff anymore, and it would be better for me if I could leave people having actually got something nice, regardless of how forgiving/generous they are feeling. The offer stands for any of this stuff. It just so happens that everyone who bought a knife is someone I think is exceptional as a person, so I would be happy to see them have any and all of it.

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    WILL you have a heart of GOLD. Strong Karma.

    Eamon, Our members still believe in you.

    The KNuts that have an investment in this project will smile years from now when holding the Will Catch/ Burke.

    Remember " This too will soon Pass"

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    I do follow.
    My concerns are turning the thread into a closing down sale, this thread is not the place for that. And i'm pretty sure it would be in breach of some forum rules.
    I think selling the extra wood and belts and stuff is a great idea, put it in the for sale section. The money can go into the postage kitty for later on as stuff is being posted from person to person to complete.
    As it stands we have someone willing to pick up a load of stuff and probably another as well. As we are not sure exactly who we are posting it too yet to begin work that would be the best solution, especially as your in the middle of moving etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillC View Post
    ....My concerns are turning the thread into a closing down sale, this thread is not the place for that. And i'm pretty sure it would be in breach of some forum rules.
    I agree.

    Eamon, all of your posts with pictures of your supplies and what not that you posted here have been deleted. This thread is not the place for that.

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