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Thread: Possible resolution for Eamon

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillC View Post
    Thanks Fellas

    I would be happy to take on a couple of re handle jobs from the list depending on what gets thrown up.

    I would suggest the list of other work will need note of what was paid up front, as some maybe there is still some money in the job, which will all help. But who knows, so it should be there.
    Added a paid/total column. Let me know if you had something different in mind.
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    You guys are all amazing!
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    devin... once again great idea and great community building event... i only wish i had a bit of time to give myself to help out.

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    I'm sorry to not be able to contribute to this but I have to consider pushing back my own currently paid up customers (who also have been waiting some time now) in lieu of helping Eamon out of hot water here and I can't justify that move.

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    This is not as much for Eamon as it is for the forum members.

    It's cool Dave, we all know that you are very busy.


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    Devin, this is an incredible offer on your part to help out all the members at loss here.


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    Please see this thread for follow up details.

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