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Thread: Congratulations to Len/echerub!

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    Thanks, guys!

    Wedding ceremony and reception went great - not because we planned it well, but because we had great people helping us out. The plan for the ceremony prep got chewed up by a big delay on one of the two highway routes to the venue. The reception plan got tossed out the window when it turned out the table layout would have to be different from what we'd drafted out beforehand - and I had to create a new seating plan on-the-fly.

    The bridesmaids and groomsmen were amazing, and put forth truly Herculean effort at the reception. Friends and family were helping with the reception setup, too. Folks who didn't know what the original plans were said the day went perfectly and they weren't aware that there were any hiccups. Those of us who knew the original plans, however, know just how much our good friends did to make things seem perfect

    BTW, I got a new house just before the wedding - just to keep things interesting, y'know. My in-laws from out-of-country are staying over and they're seeing all my knives and boards and stones getting moved in. They are surprisingly supportive

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    Congrats Len!
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    A belated congrats to both your nuptials, and your new home!
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    Congratulations, Len!

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    Thanks, everyone

    Lotsa work over here. Just tore out the basement yesterday to prep it for a re-do into a second suite.

    Still have stuff everywhere on the upper floor where we're living. I don't know where a lot of things are still... but I know exactly where all my knives, boards, pots, pans, and woks are Unfortunately, I have yet to actually use the new gas range I got. Been too busy just doing things to actually do much in the kitchen yet

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