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    Hey brother...beautiful work, as usual!

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    120mm Parer with stabilized sapele from Myron. Weird wood to work with, but pretty neat.

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    Very clean!!
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    Very nice design! I would prefer a smaller simpler makers mark though.

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    I love it. Definitely want one.

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    Very nice work Don!

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    It's not a knife, but it's certainly something I'm proud to have made The bench, sander, and grinder were assembled by me. The disk setup was generously given to me by Charles Vestal, a really fantastic maker; all I had to do was get a motor and disk (then make the belt guard for safety). I had a lot of help with the lighting and electricity, but I wired the motors/switches myself.

    Finally I can get some stuff done, assuming I have time between my classes and club.

    Here is a random one of forging:

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    Awesome, whittle woe!
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    Cool! I love shop pics!
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    Dang Don,
    I have grandchildren older than you!
    I am just teasing you but it is nice to see someone your age developing their talents and doing such nice work.
    I agree with you about Charles V. A very talented knife maker and very nice guy.

    Does this mean we will be seeing more knives from you.
    I am picturing a Star Trek style run of paring/steak knives.
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