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Thread: 2013 West Coast Gathering

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    Quote Originally Posted by azchef View Post
    SlapChop I would car pool with you for sure, It would cut the costs down for both of us, we could ask Don from Tuscon as well
    I am conveniently located in South Tempe, So If Don were on board it would not take him any further out of his way.

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    I can probably go and carpool with you guys. I will find out for sure soon though.
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    Since we've gotten some more recent in-the-area members, I figured I'd give this the obligatory bump to see if more people would be interested in coming if we go forward with this.

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    I think the SD crew should cruise up in a party bus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TamanegiKin View Post
    I think the SD crew should cruise up in a party bus.
    im in!
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    I was thinking....
    Surely someone down there knows how to set up a live streaming video.
    I heard that all the people in SoCal are computer gurus.
    Sure would make things fun for those of us who can't make the trip.
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    We should contact one of the local studios in Hollywood and see if they would send a small camera crew for a potential pilot reality t.v series. We can name it "L.A. Blade Nuts". Or how about "Hollywood Cut Crew"? Or even "West Coast Sharpening Gurus"? Or even "California Custom Steel"?
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    Do we have a when and where yet? I could be in, if it doesn't conflict with my travel schedule

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    We have a tentative date and location - Saturday, August 3, 2013, Gardena, California. The starting time is TBD, but most likely early afternoon.

    I hosted last year's WCG and will again host the WCG this year. I'm planning on firing up the Big Green Egg again, opening up a few bottles of wine, etc.
    "Don't you know who he is?"

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