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Thread: Commercials @ the Ball Game?

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    Thumbs up Commercials @ the Ball Game?

    We just got back from an evening spent watching our local minor league baseball team play. I haven't been to a ball game in like forever and a day but I was pretty sure things hadn't changed too much and I was correct except for one thing - the commercials!

    Dead center field at the wall is a ginormous LED jumbotron thing belting out friggin commercials all through the game - even during play! Everything from beer to insurance was seen but thankfully no condoms or douchefomercials popped up. yeah and they weren't just video - it was deafening audio too! I kept hoping for a line drive right to the center of the screen...that would have made the game for me.

    I don't think anyone minded the commerials as much as me though, most fools spent the night surfing their phones and texting away....what great memories they'll have of their day out at the park.

    Anyway, I just had to get this off my chest, this stuff drives me crazy....

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    I agree. I was at the O's game sunday, and it was commercial crazy. Go to a Frederick Keys game and it's worse. Maybe minor league needs the ad money or something.
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    ya everyone is turning to some "new places" to post advertisements. It will be like the "Minority Report where they have commercials by your profile, and bio signature. Sorry I feel your pain. To bad your experience was very bad with the loud commercials.
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    I did enjoy the time with the family and the game too,,,just could've done without the commercial content is all.

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