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Thread: Gardeners - What's your favorite tomato?

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    Not the easiest to grow, or the most productive, but it is hard to beat the taste of a Brandywine.

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    I agree with the Scary Looking Lady about the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. Sweet like eating fruit.
    I have not been successful with the beefsteak varieties and a local farm grows the Brandywine so I will get those there.
    Several local people have also mentioned the San Marzano so I will try growing them.

    Plus, I will look for the pineapple tomatoes Michael mentioned.

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    Here's some info about the Pineapple. It's a beefsteak variety as well, and, to be honest, I've had trouble growing them. But, they're totally worth it, IMHO, if you can grow them.
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    Sungold and principe borghese are my favorites. This year i'm trying pear and garden's delight

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    Hmmm....our grocery store had some nice looking Pineapple plants the other day. Might have to go back and grab one. Although there are already too many little plants in our "tomato hut" to handle:

    Cherry Brandywine
    Cherry Roma
    Brandy Boy
    Better Boy
    Best Boy
    San Marzano
    Ella's Pink Plum
    Gregori's Altai
    Earl's Faux
    Purple Passion
    Pruden's Purple
    Neves Azorean Red
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    I have 48 Beefmasters and just added Mr. Stripey, Old German, Hillbilly and Lemon Boy.

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    I've been a bit too depressed to feel like growing sh!t, butt I found a double grafted tom yesterday that I'm going to try, it has Marzano on one side and Brandywine on the other. On one plant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mhlee View Post
    Cherokee Purple is my hands down favorite red/black/beefsteak tomato. It has the best balance of sweetness, acidity, flavor and texture of any red/black tomato in my opinion. (Brandywine used to be my favorite before growing a super Purple Cherokee tomato.) It's even awesome in sauce, except for the fact that when cooking it down, the sauce becomes a little watery. I would honestly rather eat one of these raw than any summer fruit because you can eat them with so many things and they're so good.

    For yellow tomatoes, I really like Pineapple tomatoes. They're more sweet than Cherokee Purples, and are stunning when served because they're bright yellow/orange with a touch of red. Still, they have good acidity, strong tomato flavor and a meaty texture.

    For roma-type plum tomatoes, the Costoluto Genovese tomato is excellent for cooking, although it doesn't have quite the sweetness of other tomatoes. It is, however, very meaty and cooks down to a rich sauce.
    cool!! i planted a cherokee purple for the first time this year!! cant wait.

    i do alot of romas. we like to jar them. fun and good.

    i have some random ones. this thread reminds me to make a list or take notes or something.

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    i don't garden, but try to get campari tomatoes, they are absolutely delicious on its own. size is in between cherry and roma, perfect for snacking. very sweet, smooth not grainy, super juicy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    I have 48 Beefmasters and just added Mr. Stripey, Old German, Hillbilly and Lemon Boy.
    Mr. Stripey and Old German are both awesome. They are potato leaf varieties so they a freakin huge plants and more susceptible to disease but well worth the effort.


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