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Thread: What it takes to be a knife maker

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    Cool thread. Its always interesting to hear what people think about this subject.

    Thanks for sharing Devin.
    God Bless YA

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    Yey! What do I win?

    That key to success applies more universally, not just to making knives. Thanks for sharing the story, Hoss! Very cool.

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    A free shop tour when you come to Panaca.

    Thanks everyone for chiming in on this. Lots of fun answers.

    Love and respect


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    Here's the knife and the award.

    After the show, a knife maker named Bob Lofgreen, who I studied with for a summer, said that he would like to have the knife and would pay me later for it. He never paid for the knife. He traded the knife to Ken McFall, who gave it back to me about twenty years later.

    The blade was a copy of an antique Kris, the handle was about the same size with our twist on it. The handle is pre-ban ivory.

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    hmmmm.....that looks familiar...Beautiful piece Devin...hard to appreciate fully from the picture though
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    Wow Devin. Thanks a amazing looking knife. Worthy of the prize. And the fact you got it back after so many years is priceless! Thanks for sharing.


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    Wow I can't believe that knife, and that you were "new" at it at the time. Love the handle, well everything about it. After looking at that blade I would think he was more about getting you out of the business, you know less competition. Stunning!!!!
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    Hoss, Thanks for sharing the story! that is one beautiful art knife.....did you carving the ivory handle??
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    Great thread Hoss! 1983 was a great year indeed, beautiful knife!
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    Thanks guys.

    At the time of the show I had made knives for about five years. The rule for a new maker was that it must be your first major show. I do remember being the youngest maker at the show and the guys that I was competing against were older than my grandfather and had a life time of experience.

    I did do some of the carving on the handle. I got a bunch of help from Jim Lofgreen, brother of Bob Lofgreen, who I studied with. Jim made knives and was a bird carver. Both Jim and Bob were incredible knife makers, they've both passed away. At one point Bob wanted me to marry his daughter.

    I made my first knife just before I turned thirteen. I worked with Bob and Jim Lofgreen during one summer between my junior and senior year of high school. My grand mother lived near them and it was nice to get some grandma love.

    It's been 35 years since I made that first knife. The first one took at least a hundred hours to make and I sold it for $50.00. I thought I was rich! 50 cents an hour isn't much though.

    Making knives can be incredibly rewarding and has been for me over the years. The only jobs I've had are welding, machining, and knife making, except for a short stint as a mobile car washer in my teens.

    I see more and more members trying their hand at the craft, good luck to all of you, and I hope you find as much joy doing it as I have.

    Love and respect


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