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Thread: Cool audio pickup at the goodwill

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    Nice score, rahimlee54.

    I hope you're planning on hooking up a turntable to that puppy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Potato42 View Post
    Anyone try making speaker cables with braided CAT5 cable? I tried once and never quite finished as it was a PITA. Sound quality is supposed to be excellent though.
    Interesting idea, I kind'a like it.

    A single cat-5 cable (8x24 AWG) wired as a pair would have about the same resistance as 18 AWG zip cord. So I wouldn't use it for bass drivers. Might be great for mids and highs in a multi-amped or multi-wired setup.

    Four cat-5 cables woven together and wired as a pair would be about a 12 AWG equivalent. That should be great for woofers.


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    Meh, I bet some of kramer's damascus cable we saw in his videos would make awesome sound cabling!

    Audio nuts are something else altogether... But you need a gig like Salty's to afford that kind of hardware...

    My home setup is just 5 mirage speakers hooked up to a small white velodyne subby and a slim marantz NR1501 receiver. Simple and sleek. None of the killer speakers that are the same size as WWF wrestlers. Wouldn't have the space for them.

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