I just finished adding a 30 new stabilized blocks to our web store.
The wood is Spalted Sycamore from Southern California. Looks different than the Sycamore back east.
The blocks were cut quarter sawn to show off the rays and flecks that form a pattern that looks a lot like Snake Skin.
There are a bunch of normal-ish size blocks that range from $30 to $40 each. There are also some oversized blocks that range from $40 to $55 each.
Very bold patterns and unusual coloring in these blocks.
Everything in the store comes with a money back guarantee.
Free US Shipping.
$20 Flat Rate International Shipping or Free if the order is over $100
Volume discounts for larger orders are 10% if over $200, or 20% if over $500, or 30% if over $1000.

Click on the photo to go where the Sycamore blocks are located in the store.

You are welcome to post any comments you might have.
Or, if you already have used this stuff on a knife, you are welcome / encouraged to post a photo. I know several of you guys have made some beautiful knives with this wood.