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Thread: Info on the swedish stainless from bluewayjapan?

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    Info on the swedish stainless from bluewayjapan?

    It seems like an extremely thin knife, but the description of the steel is vague at best. Anyone have any experience with it? I'm looking at the 240 gyuto btw

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    Your guess is as good as mine.

    I'm betting that it's AEB-L or something similar. At the end of the day, it's a fine grained, easy to sharpen stainless hardened to 58-59 HRC.

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    No more vague than many of the japanese makers who advertise "swedish stainless" and provide no other details.

    I have a 240 gyuto from them, but it is white steel (carbon). fit and finish was very good, pretty good deal overall.
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    I got the white 2 210 suji from them, it is flauless F&F at very good price.
    The swedish stainless is a mystery, but very good steel IME.

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    I'm agreeing with everyone here.
    I posted a thread a couple weeks ago about the mystery behind Misono's mystery steels. Basically the overall consesus was "Who cares. They perform".
    I'm pretty sure it was Rockbox who said we get far too caught up in this and it doesn't change a knife's value, only it's perceived value.
    With guys like the above recommending it, let's just call it really nice Swedish steel

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