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Thread: konosuke zdp189 gyuto

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    Quote Originally Posted by TB_London View Post
    oooooooooo it is tempting, but realistically how much is performance going to differ from a standard konosuke?
    Which standard konosuke? It would FAR outlast either edge (stainless or whiteII) but it wouldn't keep the scream as long as the carbon. It's closer to the Kon HD but I still think it doesn't scream as long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockbox View Post
    That's what your KMG is for.
    I not have KMG back then. But yes, that would have been ideal.

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    so, i had a henckels cermax for a while (still do - never gets used tho) - these powdered steels are crazy-annoying to sharpen [for me]. i like the fresh-off-the-stones feel, and if zdp can't give that same feeling longer than the HD, then what's the point, really?

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    I'm sure that besides the price of the steel the time grinding and the amount of belts/stone needed for a monosteel ZDP knife factors big time into the high end price. On that Canadian site they even mentioned the Kanji imprint not being as deep as usual due to the steel properties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by echerub View Post
    Tosho Knife Arts has good prices for Canadian buyers on a good portion of their selection. I checked out a few items, and in general it works out to be just a bit less than what it would cost to order from the US and ship up here. Of course, there's tax and if you're not in Toronto there's domestic shipping to add on as well.

    I'm not sold on the ZDP version of the Konosuke gyuto for myself, but I'm glad the option is out there.
    No tax being charged yet so..good time to buy

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    Oh, really? Prices are tax-included? Nice!

    Too bad there isn't anything I need to get from their selection at the moment. Need? Want? Ah, whichever

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