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Thread: what would be your ultimate 3 or 4 knives? and why?

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    Feb 2011
    240mm Kato
    Yoshihide Suji
    Yoshikane SKD 180mm Petty
    MAC bread

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    Apr 2011
    Clayton, NC- surrounded by lots of trees
    240 Masamoto KS gyuto
    210 Suisin Inox petty
    270 Kono Fujiyama suji
    >5.0 sun Carter Funi

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    south east florida
    if i were to do it over again i'd have just gotten all victorinox and a set of nortons, call it a day and stay in blissfull ignorance. would save a ton of money.

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    Feb 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by mainaman View Post
    240mm Kato
    Yoshihide Suji
    I have both of these as well and can't argue with either selection.

    If I couldn't have an all Devin kit (220 suji, 250 gyuto, 270 suji, 150 petty) I might go with the following:

    240mm Gengetsu semi stainless (slight edge over Kato because of price and stainless cladding)
    270mm Kato suji (never tried one but might be a nice substitute for my not so readily available and fantastic 270 Marko & Yosihide sujis)
    210mm Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #2 petty/suji (have one in white #2 that I use constantly)
    150mm Gesshin Uraku stainless petty (I use a Devin in 52100, could also go with another Gengetsu or maybe a Heiji)
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    Aug 2011
    Ginga 100mm stainless petty
    Masamoto KS 165mm petty
    Masamoto KS Honyaki 240mm gyuto
    Watanabe Honyaki 300m sujihiki

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    Sep 2012
    10-12" slicer
    9-10" chef's knife
    6" utility knife
    3" paring knife

    This is essentially what I have, but add a good bread knife since I do cut a a lot of European type breads.

    Since I have a large fillet knife in my fishing kit, and I have a dedicated set of knives for breaking down and portioning large animals/game, I guess I could do withoute slicer--but it is nice for slicing cooked proteins.

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    Aug 2012
    New Zealand
    Quite a bit of love here for ZKramer and Gesshin Heiji... interesting...

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    Apr 2012
    Stockholm, Sweden
    If I had time to wait I'd go:
    Rodrigue 260 suji
    Martell 240 gyuto
    Harner 180 nakiri
    Ealy parer

    If I needed something right now I guess it would be something like:
    Kono Fuji 270 suji
    CCK 1303 cleaver
    Gesshin ginga 150 petty stainless
    Tojiro bread knife

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    Mar 2011
    Palm City, FL
    Don't use a petty or parer much these days... This is what my top knife list looks like at the moment.

    DT ITK 270mm gyuto ( AEB-L )
    Martell re-handled misono swede 240mm gyuto
    Mike Davis sujihiki ( 1095 )
    Fowler scimitar ( W2 )
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    Mar 2012
    Shig 240
    Heiji 240 carbon
    old Henckels parer
    Forschner curved boner

    I've already owned and sold the Shig--mistake and will replace. Getting ready to sell my Heiji (semi-stainless 270)--will replace with slightly different model. The other 2 are stainless, but do the job so well I can't see replacing even though i prefer carbon. Have a couple bread knives, but never use them and would likely never buy another--seems a good sharp gyuto does fine on all the bread I enjoy.

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