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Thread: Jnat FS: Large Tsushima

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    Jnat FS: Large Tsushima

    For sale: a large full-sized Tsushima nagura, originally from JNS. Completely uniform and clean, as you'd expect from a Tsushima. Great as a finisher or pre-finisher for knives, as a pre-finisher for razors, or of course for generating slurry just like a small Tsushima nagura would. Sides and bottom are sealed, grit range according to JNS is around 5k-8k, and dimensions are 210x75x50mm. Really a great stone for the price. $210 w/ PP fees included and shipped internationally.

    (Photos to follow...)

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    note to mods: my photo links didn't work here, so please delete this post - will have to try again

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    Bump and price reduction to $200 all included.

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    Another bump

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    This'll probably be the final one: bump!

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