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Thread: kidney stones and cooks.

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    Jan 2013
    I passed a couple stones five or six years ago. HURT LIKE HELL! Demerol is the greatest! They make a cranberry pill you can find in the vitamin section of the pharmacy. Two to four pills a few times a week and drinking plenty of water. Best prevention plan for stones according to my doctor. A lot of the back pain I had turned out to be my kidneys. The cranberry pills really helped.

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    i buy dried cranberries by the buttload. =D

    been eating them nonstop, everyday for 2 years. it's helped my UTI but hasn't really helped me with my stones. anything helps though. =D

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    I've switched from coffee to tea for the past week and it seems to have helped the pain I get from the stones that are still there. Also found a cranberry tea.

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