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Thread: First Rehandle

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    Looks like you did real good on all 3.
    1st 2 look like some type of rosewood.
    A tough wood to sand but they turned out real good.
    Was there a distinct smell?
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    very cool

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    Had to get a little fancy for some gift knives. I saw somebody's handle like this on here a while back and it was really cool so I had to try.

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    Great job Cat. The F and F on those look terrific.
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    very clean! like the handles

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    Those last 2 are killer! What's the wood combo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrmnms View Post
    Those last 2 are killer! What's the wood combo?
    Some very attractive stabilized walnut and maple burl from burlsource.

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    Good job. I'm working on a similar rehandling project, rehandling a Utica Forge slicer (similar style to forgecraft), which had some handle problems. This one will be my third handle, so it's nice to see a fellow newbie making such nice handles. I hope mine turns out as nice as yours have.

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    Man! I wanna try to polish my forgie like that! Very cool dude!
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    I like what you did with the 1st 3 Forgecraft - the style / color / finish suites them just fine. Classic and simple. The last ones you did are a whole level fancier. I agree the fit and finish looks top notch.

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