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Thread: FS: Kato petty, Sakai Yusuke Suji

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    FS: Kato petty, Sakai Yusuke Suji

    #1 Kato 180mm petty
    Used in in home kitchen, never thinned, sharpened about 5 times since I got it on naturals only. Burn Chestnut octagon handle.
    $270 shipped in US, international buyers pay actual shipping.

    #2 Sakai Yusuke 210mm Suji. White #2 steel , works great as a long petty.
    $85 shipped in US, international buyers pay actual shipping.

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    Sakai Yusuke sold

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    Quote Originally Posted by mainaman View Post
    Sakai Yusuke sold
    God damn it, that would have been a perfect impulse buy...
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    I knew that Yusuke would fly quick. I'm surprised it took 30 minutes. I haven't found any steel that gets a sharp. My 240 Yusuke thin's blade is just so sticky, its actually pretty scarry to do the three finger test.

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    F me, would had totally jumped on that Yusuke! Cheers to the lucky one

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    One and only reduction of the Kato petty- $250 shipped in US.
    Those go for 270 on JNS before shipping.

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    oh man, i totally would have bought that yusuke! and i don't need it at all..

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    $230 shipped in US

    and a bump

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    kato sold

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