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Thread: vacuum sealer for home use -- Foodsaver v. Vacmaster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rahimlee54 View Post
    I am about to pull the trigger on a chamber unit from them. What bags are your most used as I am having a difficult time deciding on what to keep around the house. I thought about the variety pack but figured since we were talking about it I'd mention it here.
    The size of the chamber dictates the size of bags you should buy...the vendor should be able to tell you the best size options

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    Just wanted to respond to the prior comments

    1.) The VP-112 is not large or small. I have mine on a shelf above the washer/dryer in my kitchen.

    2.) I buy the bags by the 1000, they come out to between 1 and 3 cents per bag.

    3.) Regarding bag sizes, don't get anything below an 8" opening. 6" is a real PIA to get food into.

    I think the VP 112 and 210 have the same pump.

    I've had mine for over a year. We're all so luck that there is a decent chamber vac less than 1K.

    I've had and have food saver clamps too. Still have one of the originals, still going strong. But its still just a toy compared to a chamber.

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    Thanks again for the info, all -- haven't decided yet, but this and the older threads have been very helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkmk View Post
    I'm getting ready to buy a vacuum sealer for home use -- will use for portioned meats, stock/demi-glace (I know I'll have to pre-freeze), etc. Mo tomato and basil crop are coming in, and I've been blanching and freezing those, too, which I like better than canned. I'll probably experiment with sous vide, but this is mostly for freezer storage.

    I'd like to keep it <$200 if possible, and have been looking at the Foodsaver V3880 and the Vacmaster Pro 260.

    Any thoughts about the merits of either, or is there something else I should consider?

    I've never used that model of Vacmaster but I've killed a few of the food savers before even finishing off a small case of bags. I also get about 5% seal or bag failure on the foodsaver seals after the bags go in the freezer. That doesn't account for all the seal failures I would get when I was bagging. Those bag costs really add up.
    If you really want to stick with this type of machine I'd consider the Pro305 which has a much better pump and runs around $275.

    Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

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    I just bought the vacmaster pro 140 from vacuum sealers unlimited. You can find a 10% code out there. They answered all of my questions and shipped promptly. I like the dual pumps and the dual heat seal much better than the FS.

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