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Thread: Soon we'll all have Chinese speaking pigs...

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    1996. The grain reserve was dismantled, so the price of corn rapidly dropped. That made intensive farming economically viable, mostly effected pigs, but chickens ramped up then too. A few weeks ago the number of chicken kills per minute went up again. Farm policy makes my head hurt. I've found that the leaf lard in some pigs smells pleasantly like hay. I miss that part of my old job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by franzb69 View Post
    do you really want me to get started? how would i know? news is global, monsanto is globally hated. your FDA, a good number of your justice department and a good number of your politicians are pretty much controlled by Monsanto. the world knows what goes on.

    just because i'm in the Philippines doesn't mean I'm ignorant of what goes on in the rest of the world.

    this will be my last comment on this issue. and fine i'll shut up about your country's goings on.
    just a honest question brother. i cant type in emotions..if i could it would have been a happy inquisitive type question..typed out in pinkish font

    living here, i honestly see some of the stuff going on..i like standarized safety temps in fridges..butchers washing hands, etc. maybe not exactly FDA type stuff, but some of it works.

    i honestly wasnt even thinking of monsanto. i was just wondering what your prospective of our FDA was coming from. i couldnt imagine what our food would be like if there was no FDA.

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    Isn't it Smithfield, like Smithfield VA? I know there's one in NC too, but my buddy who works there said the home plant is the biggest... Sad to see the Chinese are after our pork as well...

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    The CFIUS has blocked the sale of Smithfield to the Chinese for an additional 45 days citing national security concerns. It looks very probable at this point that the sale may be blocked.
    Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

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    There is some humor in all this. There is one thread going on how big producers such as Smithfield produce crap meat that no one wants to buy/ eat, and another thread displaying outrage that the company could get chinese owners

    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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