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Thread: Tip Sharpening

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    Tip Sharpening

    I've always had a hard time keeping a sharp pointed tip on my knife. And then I found this.....

    Hallelujah! Nice sharp pointed tips again! Just wanted to say thanks Jon For sharing your knowledge with the world!

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    When I saw the title of this thread I immediately thought to link that video!
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    i actually want to re-do that at some point... i think i can teach it a lot better now days

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    Would love to see an updated version!

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    It doesn't look like you're using that technique in recent vids. Do you just use it on certain knives?

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    no, I use that technique. It's just a little bit different nowadays. The basic concepts of the same, but some of the things that I do are little bit different. It still stands true that the adjustment will always be lifting up a little bit and rotating back towards the spine a little bit, but this can be done in different ways depending on which side of the knife that you're on, and how you sharpen. I still find that this particular rotational type works very well in a lot of situations however.

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    Sooooo, when are you doing the updated vid?
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