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Thread: Shigefusa help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    The thin where it counts is EXACTLY what made me think this is a knife to use. I love the looks, but that's just me!
    Shigis and Heijis aren't exactly waifs either.
    but the geometry of Shigefusa is top notch and that makes huge difference.

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    I agree based on their reputation. I really haven't read anything negative about their grind, geometry or taper. I thought perhaps the one I mentioned might compare fairly reasonably.

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    If you are talking about Heiji, it is mighty as can be but I find that the grind is so awesome that its nimble and sharp as hell. It definitely has cutting power. I've really been using mine a lot at work recently and it stays sharp forever. Every once in a while I touch it up on a Chosera 5k and I strop often and it just comes back to life. Really awesome stuff.

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    i will deff be checking out the heiji, unless some beautiful western comes along in the mean time, or I get pulled in by the carter cktg knife. I just don't think i'll be crazy about the handle on the Carter, but we'll see. Eitherway it'll keep it's resale value just in case

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    Quote Originally Posted by oivind_dahle View Post
    Im going to do a blind test on several friends. Im not sure but I keep believe that a cucumber or tomato taste different when I use my Shigefusa Nakiri compared to a stainless knife .)

    I love Shigefusa, but if anyone could get him to make a stainless knife I would be on that list
    I think the blind test has been done for decades/centuries in Japan.
    If a high carbon knife makes smell the food every food in a Kaiseki restaurant would smell bad.

    If you take care of the knife like a Kaiseki chef you do not have any problems.

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