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Thread: Egg White Puree

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    Thanks guys, your'e confirming what we thought...

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    It would take 5 min to make an egg white puree. Why don't you just do it? My guess is it just won't hold water too well. Gross? I don't see why it would be gross.

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    Sounds like the recent grad needs a bit more experience. Or just ask them what they are thinking and have them verbally walk you through their idea. Sometimes you'd be shocked, in good and bad ways, what young culinarians conceptualize you when you ask for expansion on an idea.

    I can say I've used raw egg white as a emulsifier. Maybe that is what he was suggesting. A puree doesn't need to be cooked.

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    I'm assuming that the whole egg was cooked shell-on. Then you have a semi-cooked white. Is this how it was prepared?
    And will all the ideas you guys are throwing out there work with a partially cooked white?
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