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Thread: Laser 270mm aeb-l gyuto video

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    Nice looking knife with that custom handle. And looking that board too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    It likely is a lot's made in Japan.

    In the case of the AEB-L version I think it's a great steel but maybe it's not optimized by batch type heat treating. Sure it might be good enough done this way but that's not what it's expectation level is. Devin Thomas brought AEB-L to the kitchen knife world and we all fell in love with it, we love what he showed us, it's ease of sharpening/burr removal, fine keen edge, and great edge holding ability. What we seem to neglect to comprehend as a whole is the role that Devin played vs what role Richmond's heat treat company plays, when compared with each other, in the final results. Maybe the case is that AEB-L isn't so great unless it's tweaked by a master? For that matter maybe there's other steels that are the same....52100 for instance? My point here is that just because a cook copies a successful recipe and throws all the ingredients into the pot doesn't mean that we're going to automatically receive a great meal when we sit down at the table. Maybe the results would be different if an experienced chef stepped in and did some of what he does so well to optimize the experience/results for us to really feel the magic that the dish has to offer. In the case of the Richmond knife I feel that the Devin recipe was copied but wasn't executed properly.
    Agree. To get AEB-L to 61-62RC, is not that easy in commercial heat treating, when a number of blanks are heat treated at the same time. People often forget that DT heat treatment is custom, in small batches.

    Most Japanese AEB-L I have seen are in 57-58RC range. If this knife is softer than 61RC, as advertized, I won't be surprised. And yes, you will know it by the burr formation and how hard it is to remove it.The higher the RC on a well heat treated steel, the easier it is to remove the burr. Removing burr on soft stainless is the worst, it feels gummy.

    Many makers make knives out of AEB-L. I would bet that not many come close to DT in perfomance. Same steel, different heat treatment. This case is not different.


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    Nice video and knife skills Magnus

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    I have nothing against Mark or CKTG and have bought many knives from him. One of them was the AEBL Artifect for my Mom. Same deal, the burr was a ***** to deal with, the geometry was to my liking, the heel was too low so knuckle clearance was a problem and over all the grind was pretty flat not very convex. Mom usually grabs hr Cutco over this knife. Sorry mark

    However, keep thinking that Mark's Laser in AS looks to be a great candidate for Dave's Performance package and new handle. Maybe I'll get one some day, right now I've got a custome Yusuke order that I'm waiting for.

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    Great vid Magnus. Thanks for sharing it, I hope people here can appreciate the vid. (I thought you told me you were not that refined in sharpening kitchen knives....looks pretty good to me

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    Yes the video is very good and should not be overlooked. I'm sorry if I derailed the thread.

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    Nice vid. Using the chromium oxide, 0.25 micron diamond and leather gave me a sense of nostalgia... Maybe I'll do that again a couple times just for kicks n giggles.

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    cheers kalaeb. well i was hoping so to. but i think deleting the thread is better. it was a mistake to even think about putting it here, i forgot the policy and im sorry for that
    im stil learning the sharpening of knives but since i have honed hundreds of razors now i have started to learn knife sharpening pretty fast. i used naniwa ss stones on this knife up to 10k no problem with deburring, dont find it any harder to sharpen then my other knives. but about the HRC i cant speak cuz i have no experiance of feeling the hardness by 1 or 2 lvl. the knife holds the edge pretty damn good and to be honest i have yet to try a better knife in same size for the same money. im getting a konosuke funayaki next and think it will be the new to go knife.

    the new AS version is thicker then the aeb-l.

    pics of the aeb-l
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Magnus View Post
    cheers kalaeb. well i was hoping so to. but i think deleting the thread is better. it was a mistake to even think about putting it here, i forgot the policy and im sorry for that
    Please don't. I still use 0.5 Chromium all the time. It isn't so popular but I still prefer the edge I get with it over others I've tried

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    I'm getting really tired of some people reflexively bad mouthing Dave when he voices an opinion.

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