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Thread: New...and ran a search

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    New...and ran a search

    I am taking some advice from you all and ordering some knives. I know so very little...just enough to be dangerous probably!

    I did a site search and cannot find a FAQ that lists basic maintenance and sharpening techniques. I hope I did not miss something obvious.

    I do not want to screw them up post haste.

    Any nice compendiums? I do NOT want to do something stupid!



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    Welcome KHS7,

    I am in a relatively new as well. For me, the best tutorial has been on youtube, John from JKI has a lot really great videos that give a fantastic overview of how to sharpen. That is where I started



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    It's possible to do worse than Jon/JKI's playlist...not sure it's possible to do better though.

    Dave Martell of Japanese Knife Sharpening also has a very highly regarded DVD on sharpening.
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    Welcome to KKF!

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    Availible Knives

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    Welcome! What knives have you picked up ?

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    A couple of Carbonext Kagayakis 120, 150, and a 210 gyuto.

    I have never needed a large knife for the cooking I do. However, I THINK I will miss a 90mm I am not sure yet.

    My burning questions are:
    -how to store (a plastic covered magnet seems best...but I am so clueless)
    -basic daily maintenance of the edge (stropping seems best...but see above...)
    -sharpening (just see above already )

    Standard stuff I am sure but there seems to be a LOT of misinformation out there. Is there a compendium on the forum with some links?

    In the meantime, I will check the video posted...and find some crap knives on which to practice. I still need all the equipment first though!



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    Wooden magnetic bar. Win.
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