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Thread: yet another question about sharpening.

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    Question yet another question about sharpening.

    hi all.

    if anything i am more into cooking than into knifes, but i good knife doesn't hurt when you cook .

    i have recently bought a Masamoto VG gyuto (210), and I'm very pleased with it, all of my knives before this one were generic 30$ stainless knives (not bad though), so this knife is a big improvement for me.

    my wife picked it out for me at Korin's while she was in NY a while ago, and it was sharpened there, and is still very sharp after almost a month of use.
    I don't cook for a leaving, and the knife is only being used a little bit on weekdays (a few vegetables for dinner), and mostly on weekends (when i find the time for some serious cooking).

    now I've been reading quite a bit on sharpening , and i understand that whetstones are the way to go, i am planing on getting one sun-tiger 1000#/6000# stone for this (good brand?, good stone?).
    but still, since i only have one knife and don't have that much time to spend on sharpening, i was thinking of getting a pull-through sharpener, i am thinking about getting the minosharp 220.

    from what i managed to understand on the web. this sharpener was designed for global knives so as for as the grinding angle it should be OK for my masamoto, am i wrong?
    also, my masamoto is currently sharpened to 70/30 ratio, would the pull through gizmo damage the blade in this case?

    I'll appreciate any opinion\insight on things that i may have not asked about also ...

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    this can be removed, since it is a duplicate.

    i created this thread yesterday, and for some reason, it only showed up today.

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