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Thread: Very specific steak knife search: Seeking advice/suggestions

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    When do the custom cutting board plates from boardsmith get ordered?
    Already happened! Boardsmith's largest mahogany board arrived about 2 months ago. I was one of the few that must have been stuck in waiting period purgatory. I think it took somewhere near 4 months for my board to arrive. I absolutely love it.

    I'll definitely share pics of the knives. Looks like to play it safe, at least 8 weeks lead time.

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    Oops, just read the comment more carefully. Didn't know he made some kind of cutting board "plate", but I'll pass.

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    Well I guess the thread is due an update, but nothing drool inducing, since they aren't done yet, but are about halfway there. On another note, I did just happen to see these, which look pretty cool too. Very utilitarian, cheaper, but still look nice.

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    Just arrived today. They are beautiful and I love the feel and the balance of them. Here's a shot he took of them.

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    They look well worth the wait!

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    Beautiful! Butch's steak knives do not disappoint. Great photo, too.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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