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Thread: Vintage Carbon Sabatier

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    Vintage Carbon Sabatier

    Hi folks,

    I tried this knife for a bit, but it's longer that what really suits me, so I'm offering it back up for sale. $70 shipped in the CONUS.

    If I were going to keep it, I think I'd keep working on the profile. That's not really my thing, which is another reason to let it go. Hope someone out there can make some good use out of this.


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    Okay, it looks like the mods moved this to its own new thread. The knife for sale has a 12" blade. Here is the original thread, with pics and some more information:

    Thanks for looking.

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    Price drop . . . $60 shipped in CONUS.

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    Bump! Nobody is interested for only $60? Toddmnd I'll be sending a pm shortly.

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    Don, your inbox is full

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    This knife is now sold.

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