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Thread: Website Move

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    Website Move

    So time have come. I am not so happy with my website provider and i have been struggling for some time now to make all things like i want on my website but without luck

    I wanted to make my images much larger, better Mobile surfing, better navigation and finally also cheaper
    All that is impossible to do it will my current provider and they are also so outdated that i need it to do it now then later, before my website get even bigger and will be even difficult to move.

    All my sale is on my website only, so i need it to be ahead of time and give you as best Images as Possible and as easy transaction as Possible.

    So after testing other one for some time now i decided to move. it will cost me a bunch, but in the end i think i will save it with even better browsing RSS feeds for new products or Articles etc.
    Move will take approx. 1 month

    We will try as hard as possible to safe ALL costumer, shipping address etc. Costumer Reviews
    For Passwords maybe new one will be send to you by email, then you can change it to what ever you want.

    Thanks for your Support !! and please let me know what you dont like about my website now or will like to add somthing so we can change it in new

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    I'm assuming your old website will function for the next month?

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    Yes sure it will hehe

    I think in general no-one will feel any interference except maybe passwords thing. And some broken links. But we will try to redirect them all

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    Canada's Sharpest Lefty
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    Great, Maxim! I think this move will be very beneficial. One feature I feel you really need to keep is the "auto currency conversion". That's an awesome little benefit to your site over other European ones.

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    currency will be handled much much better then i have now It will update it self and will give more accurate amount

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    I was gonna agree with Lefty, but it seems you already have that covered. Can't wait to see the new site.
    Chewie's the man.

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    And we need a grand opening special

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    A grand opening with lots of shigefusa's on sale!! Like a 240 I've been trying to find for months now. A basic stone set would be nice too. I get overwhelmed with the choices so I keep using my edge pro which is heresy around here

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    What's the matter you get tired of Volusion?

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    I finally move from them No more one image upload, crazy bandwidth fees, and super old stile mobile templets

    We actually ahead of time and will probably do the move by end of this week !

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