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Thread: Laser VS Workhorse

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    I think "workhorse" depends more on the person wielding the gyuto than the specific dimensions of the knife. For me a gyuto that I can pick up in the morning and use for 95% of what I need to cut (aside from butchery) is a workhorse. For some, that might be a "mighty" gyuto while others rely on a "laser" as their workhorse, depending on thier technique. For me there's a point at which thinner (behind the edge) becomes more of an impediment than a benefit and starts to slow me down.
    So i favor the Kate Upton style knives over the Kate Moss's of the gyuto world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benuser View Post
    Marko, excuse my ignorance, and not trying to hijack the discussion, but where and how do you measure edge thickness? With a micrometer I can only measure thickness at some distance from the very edge.
    You measure the thickness of the edge right at the edge. Digital calipers and a magnifying visor are tools needed to get an idea how thin the edge is.

    I typically make following measurements at the blade to assess geometry.

    1. At the edge - edge thickness
    2. 10mm up the edge - from heel to tip
    3. 27mm up the edge on taller knives (end of jaws on my calipers) - from heel to about 2/3 of the blade forward
    4. Spine measurement at the handle, over the heel, 50mm from the tip, 10mm from the tip
    5. Straight edge against the side of the knife to gauge geometry (grind)

    For my own knives, I have target numbers depending on type I grind.

    For me a workhorse knife should have some weight. What that weight is, would vary from maker to a maker. A 255mm workhorse that I would make would be about 3.15-3.25mm over the heel, 2.25mm half way, 1.75mm 50mm from the spine, and weigh about 225-240g with the the handle.

    A thinner version would be .25 thinner up to 50mm from the tip.

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    Thanks Marko, it's very helpful!

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    I also prefer a heavier knife with a convex grind. Preferred weight around 200 to 220 grams.

    Came across a Tojiro DP series of that weight category and grind but alas it is their version of their Western Deba... which is all right with me But their 210mm weighs about 340 grams and the 180mm clocks in at 220grams. Strangely, their version of their Western Debas (WD) blade height is about the same with their gyutos.

    THus the thought of getting the 210mm Westren Deba and grinding it to my satisfaction ( just to shed some metal and at the same time maintain the shape and geometry) hopefully ; may be a fun project


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    This seems to be a proper thread to ask the following question: Is my 210mm Tanaka R2 gyuto a laser? Its numbers are:
    - Blade height at the heel: 49mm
    - Weight 131g
    - Wa-handle
    - Blade width at the spine:
    -- at the handle: 2.7mm
    -- at the heel: 2.6mm
    -- 1/2 way towards the tip: 1.8mm
    -- 1cm from the tip: 0.6mm


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    I am quite a newbie but from your measures it sounds like a laser.

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