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Thread: First Pics

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    Very nice

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    Here are a couple more I PIF'ed for some friends/co-workers. Free of charge, of course. I won't even accept money for materials. [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]
    An 8inch Wustoff Chef for the guy that recommended me for the job @ the hotel I'm at now. I also did a boner and a bread Wusty too.

    An old Henckel paring that my boss(at my old job) had in his basement. It was a gift from his mother from when he graduated culinary school in the early 80's. It was warped and had a really badly broken tip. I was able to correct the warp too.


    This is a Messermeister Meridian Elite that Chuckles donated to me. I put some redwood on it. I drew some inspiration from Daniel Omalley's Western shig rehandles. This is the 1st time I've messed around with curves so much. It's not perfect, but I like it. I gave this one away to a recent culinary school grad who was using Cuisinart knives.
    Thanks Chuckles!
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    Nice work! I really like the pin arrangement on the 8" wustoff

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    That pic gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Good work.
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    The Meridian Elite is a solid knife on its own. That's a lucky dude. Nice job!

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    Not sure how I missed this thread, awesome work!
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