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Thread: Blade Show 2013 kitchen knife of the year

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    Blade Show 2013 kitchen knife of the year

    So this is the knife that took top honors. What are your thoughts on this one?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good grief, not another Ken Onion. Looks the same as the Shun version, but cheaper. When will people learn.

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    What was the other competition like?
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    Been there, done that. Disappointing.
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    There were fairly few commercial kitchen knives being offered at the show. I did notice Emerson Knives now has their own line but I don't think you would have liked them any better. I don't know if the customs were allowed in this competition, but the maker still has to enter his knife to be in the running. Not everyone likes to do that.
    I handled the new Onions and didn't find them that bad. But they are still purely Onion. There really isn't any point in designing a knife that looks like every other French/German/Japanese chef. There would be no reason for anyone to buy the design from you. Throw out all the traditional patterns and try to come up with something totally new that anyone will pay you for the rights to. It isn't easy but Ken has done pretty well at it.

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    I've always liked the handle on the ken onion shuns, comfy for a pinch grip but way overpriced and too much belly

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    I think this just goes to show you that 90% of what is going on in the world of knives is not kitchen related, hence why this won Blade. The world of kitchen cutlery is far removed from at least 90% of the general populace (including many knife nuts). Also, from the images of knives at Blade show and the price they are selling for, why make a fancy kitchen knife that will sell for maybe $500-$750 unless your Devin Thomas, Bill Burke or Michael Rader when you can make a fancy jewel encrusted bowie knife that sells for $2,000. Sure, I am over simplifying everything but this is just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFKitchenknivesguy View Post
    Good grief, not another Ken Onion. Looks the same as the Shun version, but cheaper. When will people learn.

    That's exactly what hit me.

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    Wait a minute....that actually IS a Ken Onion?

    What the hell is ChefWorks?

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