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Thread: Blade Show 2013 kitchen knife of the year

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    But did you see how thin that knife cut that eggplant??? And it also looks as if it cut an onion in half!!! Like, right in half. Amazing.

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    ChefWorks = Lamson

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    I wonder if this guy gets co-credit on the award?

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    I once asked the price on a 6-axis arm. I never asked again.

    (It was $90k)
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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo.pete View Post
    I think this just goes to show you that 90% of what is going on in the world of knives is not kitchen related, hence why this won Blade. The world of kitchen cutlery is far removed from at least 90% of the general populace (including many knife nuts). Also, from the images of knives at Blade show and the price they are selling for, why make a fancy kitchen knife that will sell for maybe $500-$750 unless your Devin Thomas, Bill Burke or Michael Rader when you can make a fancy jewel encrusted bowie knife that sells for $2,000. Sure, I am over simplifying everything but this is just my opinion.

    P.S. Good to see you posting again Pierre!

    Thanks Peter! I had 3 hours so far this week to my self when I wasn't working, or sleeping... Whew!!

    I would tend to agree with your view on this. and the fact BLADE is mostly tactical, hunter, folder, and high end customs. The reason I posted the inital photo and question was to stir the pot a little. It has to be one of the oddest shaped knives out there for kitchen use. Reminds me a little of Guy F's series as far as profile goes.

    BUT! Its a kitchen knife, it showed at BLADE, and there is a category for it. I thought that in its self is a step in the right direction. I didn't see the video Dave found before. Its kinda cool that Ken has a vision to have a 100% made in the USA series of kitchen knives, with unique design, profile and ergonomics. Its like bringing a stainless steel gull-wing door car to a stock car race, but hey, at least it was entered, and be damned if it didn't win. Anybody else see what the competition looked like?

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    No but at least Ken's line wasn't like those terrible Chris Reeve kitchen knives that won a few years ago. Those didn't exactly set the world on fire like some at the show thought they would.

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    Oh, I forgot to mention that the mayonnaise jar scrapping knife design that used to be in the Shun line is back in this group. I guess Ken must like mayonnaise.

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    Chef works= very uncomfortable chef pants. Looks like they are going into the crappy knives market too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crothcipt View Post
    Chef works= very uncomfortable chef pants. Looks like they are going into the crappy knives market too.
    If you buy two pairs of large sized chef pants one will be extra large and one will be medium. Worst **** of the century.

    Ken onion is making knives for the retarded culinary students of America. Those knives are a tragedy.
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