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Thread: Restoring mirror finish

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    Restoring mirror finish

    I recently bought this knife:


    used and am trying to remove several months of patina created by the former owner and restoring the original mirror finish show in the pictures. Flitz and elbow grease are getting fair results so far. Should I keep at it or is there is more to it?

    The original finish had a rainbow effect from a washable coating which appears to be gone from my cleaning:

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    the rainbow effect was, i believe, from a protective oil applied to the blade.

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    This is what Salty uses.
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    I have the Flitz and slurry. What's the process adding the other two?

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    The auto polshing compound is more abrasive then flitz,I don't own the boron stuff so I can't comment on that stuff.

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    And don't you owe Charlie Sheen a royalty payment?

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    The boron Carbide cuts very quickly. A little hard to clean up, but works well. Not to mention is makes a good finishing strop for toothy edges.

    I use automotive sandpaper for the bulk of polishing. Don't skimp on the middle grits, you have to get ALL the scratches out of every grit. Then buff it like a mirror.

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    And don't you owe Charlie Sheen a royalty payment?
    Maybe I am Charlie Sheen....

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    Quote Originally Posted by UglyJoe View Post
    Maybe I am Charlie Sheen....
    No, you are way too coherent.

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