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Thread: chef clogs

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    chef clogs

    Is heel height of clogs like danskos, troentorps good for standing posture? I used to have some back pain and when I switched to troentorps with 2 inch heel height, I feel that my back pain has just shifted lower into my hips, which is more bearable. Now i have toe pain because my weight is shifted forwards a bit. What do you guys wear in the kitchen? Flat shoes like birkenstocks? or shoes with some heel height? Also is anyone familiar with calzuro clogs?

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    I have a pair of Troentorps as well.

    I like them the best for stationary work. My back and legs feel great wearing them but they are kind of bulky, take some getting used to walking in, and I have not found a comfortable way to run down stairs in 'em. I don't experience any hip pain but my feet definitely feel a little sore after using them heavily.

    I switch between those and Birkenstock Bostons... which are probably my favorite shoes I've ever worn. Once broken in they feel like little clouds for your feet, the non-slip version are actually non-slip (be careful just getting the regular unless you like sliding all over the place), and they're light-weight. If you're in an active, high-paced restaurant where you're having to run all over the place - they are my #1 choice. When I'm hunched over a cutting board for hours on end then I miss the support of the Troentorps. Another con is that they are not the most durable and the cork beds will fall apart on you if you don't take good care of them.

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